Our Services

An Ornate Rock Lobster (Panulirus ornatus). Fly Point, Port Stephens, NSWCobalt MRM provides expert consulting services to help the fisheries community improve the value and ecological sustainability of professional, recreational and traditional fisheries.

We work closely with individual businesses, discrete fisheries and fishery sectors, and fisheries management agencies to   improve the economic, social and environmental performance (triple bottom line) of fisheries and marine focussed industries.

Our practical and cost effective strategies are designed to work efficiently in an increasingly complex and dynamic regulatory environment; enabling sustainable and prosperous fishing businesses in today’s competitive markets.

Key service areas are:

  • Integrating ecological and business risk assessment processes, economic and social analysis, and scenario planning to develop and implement cost effective triple bottom line business strategies for fishing businesses and fisheries;
  • working closely with fisheries and environmental management agencies to evaluate and improve regulatory programs and policies, enabling strong contemporary fisheries and environmental management outcomes for less cost and risk;
  • Engaging closely with fishers (professional, recreational, traditional), key stakeholders and communities to help them build closer and more positive community relationships; improving the social acceptability and future value of fisheries and dependant businesses.

With a strong professional network of associates, Cobalt MRM is ideally placed to commission highly relevant and experienced project teams.  We recognise the fundamental importance of people as a driver of strong fisheries and NRM performance.

Our project teams reflect the right blend of technical and practical expertise, skills, and experience; helping them  to deliver innovative and practical solutions to even the most complex regulatory and/or business challenges.  We take pride in good communication; ensuring our teams work honestly and easily with clients and stakeholders.

We are passionate about best practice fisheries management and its role in supporting sustainable and productive fisheries; including the fundamental importance of purpose built monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

Some examples of key work areas are provided below.

Regulatory/policy development & review

• Fisheries and marine management services including fishery management plans, harvest strategies, stock recovery strategies, and broader ecosystem or species specific management strategies;

• Developing efficient co-management approaches, and/or operational arrangements where resource users and regulators collaborate & share responsibility for fisheries or broader marine resource management;

• Careful evaluation of existing and proposed fisheries/marine management policies, strategies, and operational activities on behalf of clients; and recommendations to improve both effectiveness and program efficiency.

Client negotiation and liaison

• Engaging with clients and stakeholders to develop effective management strategies for commercial and recreational fisheries. Conducting focus groups, workshops, interviews, surveys, and community discussions as required to facilitate this; and

• Working with and empowering stakeholders, including industry and communities, to improve their understanding and acceptance of fisheries and marine resource management issues, new proposals, or existing arrangements.

Client Representation

• Working with clients to represent their interests in relation to new, existing, or developing regulatory arrangements.  Ensuring that their commercial, social, environmental, philosophical or other interests are given due consideration by decision makers and governments.