Why Ocean Health is a Wicked Problem

Here’s a good article from the Huffington Post outlining why keeping our oceans healthy and our fisheries productive is such a challenge.

Wicked Problem  is a bit of an NRM buzzword these days. When you combine the complexity and dynamic nature of natural systems, human behaviour, climate change, politics and expediency, some issues can become a quagmire of complexity.

I reckon the recipe for success is something like:

  • an excellent information base through good and accessible science;
  • leadership, commitment, passion and human ingenuity in pretty equal measures;
  • military strength strategy and tactics; and
  • a solid dose of good luck…

There’s some great ideas and suggestions here in an Oceans context.  Keep em in mind next time you grapple with one of these perennially difficult fisheries or marine conservation challenges – and good luck!

By Andy Bodsworth

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