CO2 driven Ocean Acidification – the Sleeping Giant

Ocean Acidification, driven primarily by massive oceanic absorption of atmospheric CO2, is already changing ocean productivity and ecosystem functioning.  It has the potential to dramatically impact some commercial fisheries, and the broader resilience of the marine environment.

This up-to-date piece from the Seattle Times provides an excellent overview of what it is, how it’s impacting marine productivity and resilience, and how we can work to reduce acidification & and its impacts.

And this comprehensive report for policy-makers arising from the 3rd Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World (Monterey, California, September 2012) provides a comprehensive report of the issues and their implications.  540 experts from 37 countries came together to discuss ocean acidification research and outcomes; including impacts on ecosystems, socio-economic consequences, and implications for policy.

By Andy Bodsworth

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