Australian Fisheries and Climate Change

CSIRO’s landmark 2008 report Implications of Climate Change for Australian Fisheries and Aquaculture – A Preliminary Assessment was commissioned by the Australian Government in collaboration with CSIRO’s Climate Adaptation Research Flagship.  It’s a comprehensive report into the status of climate change in a domestic and regional fisheries  context, its effects, discussion of related threats and opportunities, priorities for future fisheries and aquaculture related climate change research; and preliminary findings and recommendations for climate change adaptation & mitigation. A range of other CSIRO fisheries and climate change related reports are also available via the link above.

The 2010 National Climate Change Action Plan for Fisheries and Aquaculture brings together information and recommendations from a range of other Australian reports, and committees.  It provides a national approach intended to ensure an effective climate change response supporting the quality, sustainability and profitability of Australian fisheries and aquaculture production.  The Action Plan focusses primarily on climate change adaptation strategies (i.e. living with and adapting to climate change effects), as well as mitigation approaches to reduce future emissions and make fishing and aquaculture operations more sustainable in a climate change context.

By Andy Bodsworth


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