Speaking out – with influence – on climate change and other complex fisheries and NRM challenges

Fresh Australian Blue Swimmer Crabs

For people who want to improve the way our unique and valuable (both intrinsic and commercial) fisheries, oceans and other natural resources are managed, then this advice from The Conversation, by the ANU’s Deputy Director of the Australian Centre for Public Awareness of Science Rod Lamberts, is highly relevant, up to date and VALUABLE…  Influence […]

Boston news-clip about climate change impacts on commercial fisheries

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Here’s an interesting and informative 10 minute newsclip from Boston in the US.  It provides a good overview of current climate change impacts on the US Groundfish fishery off the New England Coast.  Including practical impacts on the fishing industry and supply chains, insights about the complexity of separating likely climate change impacts from broader […]

Build a Bridge: Peter O’Brien’s tips to better connect research and policy

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Peter O’Brien, FRDC Director and Professorial Fellow at the University of Canberra’s Murray Darling Futures Program has written this interesting piece for The Conversation about improving government policy development by integrating specialist knowledge and research outcomes more effectively. In an age where evidence based policy seems to be in decline; with some vitally important policy positions (Carbon Tax comes […]

Why Ocean Health is a Wicked Problem


Here’s a good article from the Huffington Post outlining why keeping our oceans healthy and our fisheries productive is such a challenge. Wicked Problem  is a bit of an NRM buzzword these days. When you combine the complexity and dynamic nature of natural systems, human behaviour, climate change, politics and expediency, some issues can become […]

Economics of Ocean Acidification – Impacts on Fisheries and Aquaculture

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The poster linked below provides an easy to read summary of the main implications for commercial fisheries from Carbon Dioxide driven ocean acidification. It includes conclusions & recommendations from a 2012 international workshop in Monaco titled Economics of Ocean Acidification – Impacts on Fisheries and Aquaculture. By Andy Bodsworth  

Paul Krugman says we’re Gambling with Civilization

Yale Economist Professor William Nordhaus

In this eminently readable 9 page Essay, Paul Krugman, American economist & Professor of Economics and International Affairs at  Princeton University, reviews a new book The Climate Casino: Risk, Uncertainty, and Economics for a Warming World by another famous US Economist William B. Nordhaus, Professor of Economics at Yale University. Krugman’s overview is clear and compelling.  He provides an insightful, objective and […]

CO2 driven Ocean Acidification – the Sleeping Giant

Pteropod image (C) Seattle Times

Ocean Acidification, driven primarily by massive oceanic absorption of atmospheric CO2, is already changing ocean productivity and ecosystem functioning.  It has the potential to dramatically impact some commercial fisheries, and the broader resilience of the marine environment. This up-to-date piece from the Seattle Times provides an excellent overview of what it is, how it’s impacting […]

Professor Callum Roberts – Ocean Health & Climate Change

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Professor Callum Roberts is a marine biologist and professor of marine conservation at York University in the UK.  His David Thomas Conservation Oration, presented at the University of Sydney in early April 2013 provides an excellent overview of current pressures undermining ocean health.   He touches on impacts from noise pollution, global warming, coral reefs, predatory crabs […]

Australian Fisheries and Climate Change


CSIRO’s landmark 2008 report Implications of Climate Change for Australian Fisheries and Aquaculture – A Preliminary Assessment was commissioned by the Australian Government in collaboration with CSIRO’s Climate Adaptation Research Flagship.  It’s a comprehensive report into the status of climate change in a domestic and regional fisheries  context, its effects, discussion of related threats and opportunities, priorities […]