Speaking out – with influence – on climate change and other complex fisheries and NRM challenges

Fresh Australian Blue Swimmer Crabs

For people who want to improve the way our unique and valuable (both intrinsic and commercial) fisheries, oceans and other natural resources are managed, then this advice from The Conversation, by the ANU’s Deputy Director of the Australian Centre for Public Awareness of Science Rod Lamberts, is highly relevant, up to date and VALUABLE…  Influence […]

How public acceptability of wild catch fishing influences regulatory decisions (FRDC Project 2012-301)

This collaborative project (Envision Environmental Consulting, Charles Sturt University and Cobalt MRM) developed a detailed understanding of the level of social acceptability for wild catch fishing in Australia, and how public attitudes, values and beliefs about sustainability influence regulatory decisions. Some of which have major resource access ramifications.  The nature of public and interest groups’ […]

Why Ocean Health is a Wicked Problem


Here’s a good article from the Huffington Post outlining why keeping our oceans healthy and our fisheries productive is such a challenge. Wicked Problem  is a bit of an NRM buzzword these days. When you combine the complexity and dynamic nature of natural systems, human behaviour, climate change, politics and expediency, some issues can become […]