Smooth Sailing for Australian Seafood says RaboBank


This recent Rabobank agribusiness article highlights growing global opportunities for Australia’s sustainable wild catch fisheries.   By ensuring genuine ecological sustainability of our fisheries, optimising production, ecosystem resilience and profitability, and maintaining our reputation for first class sustainable seafood, Australian fishing businesses are ideally placed to contribute to this growing global seafood demand…

Cobalt Currents – Social Licence & Wild Catch Fishing: How do I Strengthen It?

Image courtesy J. Susman

This is the 3rd and final post in Cobalt’s Social Licence blog series exploring the fundamental importance of Social Licence to Operate (SL2O) to the professional wild harvest fishing industry.  This post looks at ways to build and strengthen Social Licence. To recap – Strong Social Licence will support continued operation of fishing businesses, reduce regulatory burdens, […]

Cobalt Currents – Social Licence and Wild Catch Fishing – Why care?

SESSF Trawlers - Eden NSW

This is the second of a 3 part series on social licence and the wild catch fishing industry.  The first post introduced social licence to operate (SL2O) and what it means.  This one focuses on why a high level of social acceptability is fundamentally important for wild catch fishing businesses. At its most basic SL2O […]

Cobalt Currents – Social Licence and Wild Catch Fishing – What is SL2O?

FV Margiris

Bring back the super-trawler… zzziiiip – can of worms being opened.  Yes, FV Margiris  is a graphic example of the power of social licence in our fickle hyper-connected social landscape. A form of social licence killed the super-trawler.  It trumped well established science based fisheries management laws and policies, and flayed the fisheries managers working […]

Cobalt Currents – and welcome to Cobalt MRM online…

Moruya Seals

Well… the clamour of calls for our new blog and an ongoing high quality online presence has finally embarrassed me into  action.  So welcome to our new website and our blog Cobalt Currents. Our site and this blog are about raising awareness of the importance, uniqueness, and value (however measured) of Australia’s fisheries and our […]