Cobalt Currents – and welcome to Cobalt MRM online…

Well… the clamour of calls for our new blog and an ongoing high quality online presence has finally embarrassed me into  action.  So welcome to our new website and our blog Cobalt Currents.

Our site and this blog are about raising awareness of the importance, uniqueness, and value (however measured) of Australia’s fisheries and our marine environment.  We want to engage all sorts of people in these issues.  Show them why best practice fisheries management and marine conservation really matters.  Provide a vehicle for  interesting & high value information.  Deliver insights and information that can help people  observe, enjoy, profit from, or other-wise interact – in an environmentally sustainable way – with the coast and oceans of this great and unique country.

This website is the public face of Cobalt Marine Resource Management.  It is also, fundamentally, a resource to help enable best practice commercial and recreational fisheries management, and to underpin healthy and diverse marine ecosystems.  As a consulting company that’s Cobalt MRM’s reason for being.

People and their communities interact with marine resources all the time, and there’s a myriad of competing objectives, pressures, and politics to balance.  Coastal populations are inexorably growing and people, including me, love the ocean, rivers, estuaries and the coast.  They love their fishing and their diving, their boating, their surfing, or their beach-combing.

It’s true that we run the risk of loving it all too much – and it becomes far less than it was before.  That’s already happening – and it’s a sobering thought.

Fishing – both commercial and recreational – are a rich part of our history and contemporary culture.  Fishermen and fisher-women of all persuasions are often passionate, colourful, and hard working – a diverse slice of Australian life.   Like the fish they seek, these people and their communities are valuable, and should be valued.

It’s worth making a bloody good effort to do things well, to really think about them.  How can commercial fishers make sure their operations are both environmentally sustainable and profitable?  How can we make sure that our rich fishing heritage is maintained – and can even prosper in a rapidly changing world?

Our Blog

Fishers and coasties are a diverse bunch – and our blog topics will be too…

Respectful diversity is a strength – and we’ll need a good dose of strength to improve the quality of our fisheries and the environment in the modern world.  Challenges like coastal population growth; rapidly improving fishing technology and knowledge transfer; the probably immense impacts of climate change and other human induced environmental impacts over time; huge global population growth in some regions, future food scarcity, declines in soil productivity…

We’ll be looking at all sorts of juicy topics, and some a little drier… What exactly is Best Practice Fisheries Management? Why is stakeholder consultation & engagement soooo important.  What makes seafood sustainable? How do we help people of all ages, but particularly our kids,  understand the incredible richness and value of healthy environments, nature & biodiversity?  How can industries sustain all those things and still make a profit…

What about marine parks? How important are they really – do they actually improve the fishing? Do they act as a valuable source of ecological resilience in a high pressure world?

You can help!

We’ll do our best to contribute well considered, accurate and valuable insights on these and plenty of other interesting and relevant issues.  We hope you can join in, comment, make suggestions, and help us understand it better.  Maybe, just maybe, we can collectively make a real difference.

By Andy Bodsworth.

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