Cobalt MRM is a consulting company delivering best practice ESD frameworks for commercial and recreational fisheries, and for marine and aquatic industries. Cobalt’s partners and clients include governments, the commercial and recreational fishing industry, conservation focussed non-government organisations, and communities.

Andy BodsworthAndy Bodsworth is Cobalt’s Director and principal consultant. He is passionate about working with people, business, and communities to demonstrate the benefits of strong ESD performance and enable more sustainable and profitable business practice.

After 15 years as a naval officer, Andy followed his passion for the sea and sustainable fisheries to work in a range of roles during 9 years with the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA). Andy then established Cobalt MRM to work with other fisheries and marine professionals and enable best practice natural resource management. He has excellent subject matter knowledge, and is a passionate and principled advocate for better marine management Andy Bodsworth  Curriculum Vitae April 2014

Andy engages closely with associates, clients and stakeholders to develop conservation and management frameworks that are well founded, practical, and cost effective. Most importantly, they have a high likelihood of success.

Our Vision

Ecologically healthy and resilient marine ecosystems, productive and profitable fisheries, and healthy & happy human communities are central to Cobalt’s corporate vision and mission. In essence, our work is about finding the simplest and most efficient ways to achieve these outcomes. We want to re-connect people, their business practices, and lifestyles with healthy oceans. We aim to give them the tools, and the motives, to improve both environmental and business performance.

Our Philosophy

Delivering best practice fisheries and marine resource management, and enabling real practice change is a complex multi-dimensional challenge. In essence it is all about human and community behaviour. Needs and desires, hopes and aspirations, fears and insecurities.

Cobalt’s philosophy embodies empowering and applying human ingenuity, knowledge, and committment. We aim to find the path of least resistance to genuinely sustainable and profitable use of our regions’ unique and valuable marine resources.

We are committed to making the best possible use of available knowledge, and developing techniques and frameworks to identify and/or develop that knowledge and understanding. Management based on the best available science is a central tenet. Where knowledge and/or understanding is lacking, unclear, or imprecise; and the consequences are serious, we are committed to taking a precautionary approach.

Our Strengths

Innovative, practical, and cost effective strategies and solutions are our key strengths. We develop these through careful analysis of subject matter issues, challenges, and opportunities. We use carefully structured research processes to identify the most relevant information, and discover new information through primary research. Knowledge sharing via extensive professional networks, and via the most recent information and knowledge management strategies, is an important part of our approach.

Excellent subject matter expertise, strong networks and a philosophy of collaboration and empowerment enable us to commission powerful project teams. Structured and best practice multi-disciplinary research and analysis techniques enable excellent problem solving. Our people are also first class communicators.

Cobalt has a focus on both process and outcomes which is a powerful combination for both small and more complex projects. Our ability to set up practical and efficient monitoring and evaluation processes at the right scale to enable continous program improvement is also a key attribute.