Smooth Sailing for Australian Seafood says RaboBank


This recent Rabobank agribusiness article highlights growing global opportunities for Australia’s sustainable wild catch fisheries.   By ensuring genuine ecological sustainability of our fisheries, optimising production, ecosystem resilience and profitability, and maintaining our reputation for first class sustainable seafood, Australian fishing businesses are ideally placed to contribute to this growing global seafood demand…

The Secret Life of Painted Crayfish

An Ornate Rock Lobster (Panulirus ornatus). Fly Point, Port Stephens, NSW

“Crayfish in those days [the 1970s] were plentiful. Reef walls near Thursday Island displayed forests of feelers waving like brown sea grass in the tide, the cray often piled four and five to a hole” . John Singe, My Island Home, 2003. I’ve been doing some fisheries work with Torres Strait traditional owners, AFMA and the TSRA […]